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Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 112-114
Computational Support to Design and Fabrication of Traditional Indian Jewelry

Vineet K. Goel, Dinesh Khanduja, T. K. Garg, National Institute of Technology
Puneet Tandon, PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology

Abstract. The primary objective of this work is to propose a geometric modeling schema so as to help develop traditional Indian ornamental designs. The goal of the work is to automate the generation of user specific designs of traditional Indian jewelry in convenient manner and their quick and easy fabrication. The work involves development of mathematical models and algorithms that can develop novel traditional Indian ornamental designs and in the process to simplify their design process. This approach can improve design and fabrication of ornaments, particularly repeatable products like ornamental jewelry. The objective also includes the reduction of dependence on the formal designers and provides the design tool in the hand of the users capable of generating a large number of traditional designs of their preference. This work is directed towards incorporating artistic and traditional sense and imagination into the design tool so as to facilitate even the persons having least imaginative and artistic skills to design designer jewelry. The design tool and additive manufacturing technology can improve the efficiency as well as productivity of the jewel-smiths. These tools would be effective in significantly shrinking the effort and time required for designing and creating ornamental products.

Keywords. Geometric modelling, pattern design, parametric technique, bubble packing technique, ethnic design

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2014.112-114