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Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 172-174
Decreasing Engineering Time with Variable CAD Models:  Parametric Approach to Process Optimization

Goran Kukec, S Tempera d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia

Abstract. Different customer demands and tailor-made products are nowadays one of the most important parts of product development and tasks of R&D department. To fulfill these demands in shortest time possible [1.], and/or to give reasonable response with lowest cost possible, company should have the possibility to make variable products. In this case, products from automotive industry were observed. Aluminum sub-assemblies made from main aluminum panel are connected together with forged parts and screw bolts. Different variants of observed sub-assembly can differ in size, quantity and even number and part variants. Variable model with GUI was given to R&D engineers in testing period of two months. Data was observed and processed. Feature based modeling and parametric approach basically gives the opportunity to every user to make variable models. On the other hand, existing CAD software is limited to well-defined problem in narrow domain and possibly cannot fulfill all company needs or cannot be easily integrated as a sub-system. If we gather co-relations, restrictions, rules and engineering knowledge in general, of symbolic and topological information to the variable model as a core – database functional action model then it is possible to make clear, functional and fast sub-system integrated to the existing parent system.

Keywords. Process optimization, variable CAD, parametric, FBD

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2014.172-174