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Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 181-182
A CAD Tool to Design Bespoke Insoles for Severe Orthopedic Treatments

Marco Mandolini, Massimiliano Carloni Vitali, Alessandro Macchione, Michele Germani, Università Politecnica delle Marche
Roberto Raffaeli, Università degli Studi eCampus

Abstract. During the last decades, the footwear sector was characterized by a strong computerization of the overall product development process, from the foot diagnosis to the shoe manufacturing. In such trend three main phases can be recognized: (1) a foot diagnosis stage, in which dedicated 3D scanners are more and more used to achieve the virtual geometry of the foot; (2) a footwear design stage, where the footwear and related accessories (last, upper, insole and outsole) are designed by customized CAD systems; (3) a production stage, where CNC machines are employed to manufacture the shoe components. The scientific literature of the last years presents frameworks of CAD and CAM systems for customized insole. The target was set on the insole modeling, considering the foot plantar pressure and foot geometry. However, the 3D shape of a bespoke shoe last is neglected. More advanced design systems are proposed elsewhere. In these cases the foot pathologies addressed by the outcoming insoles are limited. For instance, there is no possibility to model insoles for severe deformities such as amputated feet or clubfeet. In conclusion, the insoles play a key role for the correct gait of the patient and they have to be designed starting from a custom made shoe last.

Keywords. Insole Design, orthopedic custom-made insoles, foot orthotics

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2014.181-182