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Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 225-228
The Monitoring Technology for the Latent Risk Population

Alice J. Lin, Marshall University
Charles B. Chen, , West Virginia University
Fuhua (Frank) Cheng, University of Kentucky

Abstract. Falls occur frequently in the elderly population and significantly impair their quality of life. It is estimated that more than one in three elderly individuals living at home fall at least once a year with the risk of falling increasing with age. Falls also lead to decreased mobility, fear of falling again, and death. After a fall, many seniors become so afraid of falling again that they limit their activities which in turn decreases their fitness, mobility and balance, and leads to decreased social interactions, reduced satisfaction with life, and a higher likelihood of depression. This fear then increases the risk of another fall. Due to 3D capabilities becoming ubiquitous and computers with basic graphics hardware running 3D applications, we designed a computer-aided real-time automated monitoring system. Our monitoring system is intended to overcome these limitations. It has the potential to capture rare, irregular, or transient events; symptoms that are difficult for a patient to report; and changes in condition that evolve slowly over time. These improvements, in turn, could yield more accurate and earlier detection of changes that may interfere with healthy and independent living. The development of our technologies will significantly enable functional independence and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, people aging with mild impairments, as well as individuals with chronic conditions.

Keywords. Monitoring system, 3D reconstruction, 3D scenes

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2014.225-228