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Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 229-231
A CAD-based Layout Environment for a Semi-automated Test-bench Assembly

Christoph Gradwohl, Severin Stadler, Mario Hirz, Helmut Waser, Graz University of Technology

Abstract. Besides extensive physical testing, virtual development methods represent an inevitable task in mechanical product creation. Automotive drivetrain components are typical examples for virtual and physical testing, when focusing a failure-free operation during their lifecycle. Exemplary, transfer cases or differential gears are checked in particular powertrain test-benches where they are loaded with predefined torque and rotational speed in order to simulate real-life driving conditions. Every time a new specimen has to be tested, a new test-bench layout has to be designed, which is performed within commercial 3D-CAD software beforehand. The required effort for the design primarily depends on the experience, know-how and background knowledge of the involved engineers. Engineers are responsible for building up virtual test-bench assemblies considering different functional and geometrical boundary conditions by using already existing, suitable and currently available test-bench components. Existing components that do not fulfill the specific requirements have to be created new. The creation of new test-bench parts is often a repetitive task, because frequently ordered elements, like shafts, are very similar.

Keywords. Knowledge-based design, automated assembly, functional integration, automated geometry creation, gear box test-bench layout optimization

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2014.229-231