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Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 26-28
Adaptable Interface Design for Open-architecture Product

Chonglin Hu, Peihua Gu, Shantou University
Qingjin Peng, University of Manitoba

Abstract. Personalized products require the changeability of product functions and users’ involvement in the product design and implementation. An open-architecture product (OAP) allows the change of product functions by adding or replacing functional modules in its original structure. The OAP consists of three types of functional modules that are product common modules, customized modules, and personalized modules. Interfaces are key elements in OAPs to ensure the module updatability. There is limited research in the interface of OAPs. Most of the existing research provides only strategies or guidelines for the interface design, or descriptive methods for the design of interfaces. Hu et al proposed a method of the interface evaluation using interface efficacy to guide the interface improvement for the easy assembly and disassembly of product modules, but the interface should be considered in the product design with constraints of the product structure and details. This research proposes a method for the adaptable interface design of OAPs. Interface types and design requirements are defined according to the type of modules using a functional description method of interfaces. Interface design schemes are established based on interface functions and morphology matrices.  

Keywords. Adaptable interface, open-architecture product, product design, fuzzy analytical hierarchy process

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2014.26-28