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Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 29-31
Combining 3D Models and Functions through Ontologies to Describe Man-made Products and Virtual Humans: toward a Common Framework

Federico Uliana, Jean-Claude Léon, Olivier Palombi, Marie-Christine Rousset, François Faure, Grenoble University

Abstract. Modeling 3D complex products using functional information has been an initial target for CAD to support the design process. More recently, 3D technologies have brought new capabilities to describe virtual humans and perform various simulations using these models. In the latter case, functional information related to 3D models has been barely addressed and it is part of the purpose of this work to show how recent advances in this field can take advantage of 3D models and functional information through ontologies to develop new browsing and simulation capabilities. In the former case, processing functional information has been essentially addressed in a top-down manner where it loosely connects to 3D geometry. Recent advances showed that using geometric interfaces between components and qualitative reasoning connected to ontologies could bring new means to interact with Digital Mock-Ups (DMUs). Based on both advances, it is the purpose of the proposed contribution to analyze the main features of each of them to look for possible commonalities to define a more global infrastructure that can be useful for each category of 3D models as well as applications involving both 3D products and virtual humans.
Keywords. Product, virtual human, CAD geometry, mesh, ontology, RDF/RDFS

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2014.29-31