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Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 32-34
Data Processing for Medial Axis Computation using B-spline Smoothing

Les A. Piegl, University of South Florida
Parikshit Kulkarni, Synopsys, Inc.
Khairan D. Rajab, Najran University

Abstract. Given a sequence of points, representing a free-form closed shape in the plane, this paper presents a system on how to prepare the data to enhance the robustness of the medial axis code and the quality of its output. We applied this method in the manufacture of shapes used in semiconductor production. Although there are many ways robustness can be enhanced, there are two techniques we want to single out in this presentation. The first relies on knowledge and calls for the separation between the general purpose code and a set of special purpose functions. Based on our decades of experience, we believe the it is nearly impossible to make a general purpose code robust in the presence of anomalies. One has to handle the special cases individually relying on knowledge about the relationships among the entities. A simple example is line-line intersection. A robust algorithm would work under the decompose-solve-recompose paradigm: (1) decompose the proplem into cases based on the relationship among the lines, (2) solve the individual cases with separate algorithms that are designed to handle parallel, perpendicular, nearly parallel, overlapping and general cases, and (3) recompose the subresults into the final output. The second method calls for a systemic approach.

Keywords. Medial axis, robustness and reliability, data preparation, B-spline approximation

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2014.32-34