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Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 49-51
As-built 3D Presentation of the Urban Environment around University Campuses

Naai-Jung Shih, Jan-Wey Chen, Tzu-Hsuan Chen, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Abstract. Chi-Da commercial district is located next to Taiwan Normal University campus, Taipei. Due to large amount of students, there is great demand for food booths or grocery vendors. From the original student-related activity to the accumulation of shops, this district has developed to be a high density and versatile community. The development has accelerated recently, since urban renewal and new MRT stations have attracted more and more people. The interlacing of residence and commercial activity has blurred the boundary of the original design as a quite community. The interlaced activities, which are intolerable to residents, have cause noise, smell, and the intrusion of privacy. The district is also famous for night market. In early days, most shops sell daily groceries which are not considered as or running like night market. Now, the grocery stores have been superseded and replaced by coffee shops, cafeteria, south-east Asia restaurants, etc. The new shop types have created a new aspect which was reported on TV by travel channel and food channel intensively. The TV promotion also attracts government bureau to integrate this community as part of a must-see sightseeing location. Consequent government-lead promotions include alley culture event, beef noodle festival, good business certificate, and beauty patent.

Keywords. 3D scan, as-built 3D models, urban infrastructure, GIS, topographic data

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2014.49-51