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Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 58-60
An Approach to Model-based Parametric Design of Mechatronic Systems

Peter Hehenberger, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Abstract. In today's industrial plant design sector, as in all other industries, cost and time pressure are steadily increasing. The reasons are the general acceleration of economic processes and the resulting price pressure due to globalization. Diverging customer requirements often make it impossible to standardize whole plants. Standardization is therefore applicable only to machines or at the component level. A high number of new product developments (unique pieces) increases not only the risk of error, but also development time and staff requirements for the plant builder. At the same time, the market requires a significant amount of variation within a period of five years. The changes in economic growth along with the different periods in the product life cycle result in fluctuations in demand. A plant builder can react to such fluctuations by enlisting the support of engineering partners and leasing personal during peak periods or by reducing permanent staff during weak market periods. The latter, however, leads inevitably to large know-how losses and higher training costs. The development of unique products differs from the design of serial products in that its development process is limited by the shorter project completion time given. Several processes need to overlap or run simultaneously. Moreover, the cost-saving potential of optimization is significantly smaller because of the lower quantity produced. All these factors increase the need for tools that improve efficiency in product development.

Keywords. Product model, parametric design, mechatronic systems, standardization

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2014.58-60