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Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 94-96
Interactive Rendering and Modification of Massive Aircraft CAD Models in Immersive Environment

Junjie Xue, Gang Zhao, Beihang University

Abstract. Aircraft CAD models have been recognized as one of the most complex and largest datasets in the world which consist of millions of parts and have complicated topology. The model data storage can be up to gigabyte and the number of the triangular faces within the visualization geometry can be hundreds of millions. For example, the Boeing 777 model has over 6 million parts and connectors, 350 million triangular faces, 12GB geometry data storage, which has far more exceeded the performance of common visualization methods. Many research works have been done towards real-time visualization of such massive models. In general, they contain two phases: preprocessing and rendering. A preprocessing phase is required to do model format converting, model simplification and partition, LOD generation, etc. Depending on the scale of the model data and the performance of computing systems, preprocessing can take between few hours up to several days. The rendering phase ensures the high fresh rate of the graphics display and functions of transparency, clipping, node picking and manipulating and the model assembly tree information display. The visualization system can be used in different phases of the aircraft lifecycle, such as design review, assembly simulation, and maintenance training. During these applications, the CAD part/product design may need to be modified due to the identification of potential design problems.

Keywords. Massive aircraft models, interactive rendering, interactive modification, virtual environment, CAD-VR integration

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2014.94-96