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Proceedings of CAD'16, 2016, 1-4
Generative Computer-Aided Design: New Design Tool for Direct Physical Production

Lujie Chen, Singapore University of Technology and Design
Lawrence Sass, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Abstract. Computer-Aided Design has come a long way since the advent of computer technology. Design, a human-centered cognitive activity, has been facilitated, advanced, and even partly replaced by computers through the development of sophisticated numerical algorithms. Computer technology that enables design is a consequence of observation and extraction of repeated, replicable work embedded a design process. In early days, such replicable work pertained to drafting, printing and error checking. Now, deeper observation of the design process has motivated engineers to create computer-based design tools that are able to accomplish highly complicated work without human intervention. The trend of offloading replicable work from designers to computers leads to Generative CAD, an approach that will have considerable impact in design and manufacturing fields.

Keywords. Generative CAD, Rapid prototyping, Contouring, Plate forming, Direct physical production

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2016.1-4