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Generative Computer-Aided Design: New Design Tool for Direct Physical Production
Lujie Chen, Lawrence Sass | pp 1-4 | Abstract

G1 Continuous Bifurcating and Multi-bifurcating Surface Generation with B-Splines
Asthana Varun, Bhatt D. Amba | pp 5-10 | Abstract

Prototyping the Complex Biological form of the Beetle Deltochilum Lobipes
Dina Rochman, Efraín De Luna | pp 11-16 | Abstract

Constraint Representation of 2 Dimensional Models with Respect to Avoiding Cycles
Manfred Rosendahl | pp 17-22 | Abstract

Quadratic Log-Aesthetic Curves
Norimasa Yoshida, Takafumi Saito | pp 23-28 | Abstract

Log-aesthetic Flow Governed by Heat Conduction Equations
Kenjiro T. Miura, Sho Suzuki, R.U. Gobithaasan, Péter Salvi, Shin Usuki | pp 29-33 | Abstract

Point Cloud Computation for Object Slicing in 3-D Printing
William Oropallo, Les A. Piegl, Paul Rosen, Khairan Rajab | pp 34-38 | Abstract

Parametric Co-Design of Modular Free-Form 2-Manifolds
Carlo Sequin | pp 39-43 | Abstract

Integration of Negative Knowledge into MCAD Education
Harald E. Otto, Ferruccio Mandorli | pp 44-48 | Abstract

Pseudo-Singleton Pattern and Agnostic Business Layer for Multi-Engineer
K. Eric Bowman, C. Greg Jensen, Devin Shumway | pp 49-54 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'16, 2016, 1-54