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Proceedings of CAD'16, 2016, 105-111
Fast and Accurate Triangular Model Generation for Shape from Silhouette

Watchama Phothong, Tsung-Chien Wu, Jiing-Yih Lai, National Central University
Douglas W. Wang, Ortery Technologies, Inc.
Chao-Yang Liao, Ju-Yi Lee, National Central University

Abstract. Most product presentations in e-commerce use various two-dimensional (2D) images of an object, mainly because these images are easy to process. However, 2D images provide only limited views of the object. Three-dimensional (3D) visualization is another technique for product presentation, in which multiple 2D images showing different views are integrated. The user can drag a point on the screen to orient a 2D image at a given angle. However, in such a representation, the information stored is highly redundant and the user may not be able to view the object from all desired angles. In addition, the real 3D shape and dimensions of the object cannot be obtained using this representation. Three-dimensional modeling with color texture is another method for product presentation in e-commence. Various techniques can be employed to create a 3D model—composed of triangular meshes—of an object.

Keywords. Shape-from-Silhouette, Visual Hull, Mesh Generation, Octree Method, Model Reconstruction

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2016.105-111