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Proceedings of CAD'16, 2016, 162-167
Flexible Parameterization Strategies in Automotive 3D Vehicle Layout

Patrick Rossbacher, Mario Hirz, Graz University of Technology

Abstract. Parametric-associative 3D-CAD programs have become state of the art for design and development of complex high-tech products. Their ability to quickly adapt CAD models to new requirements by the possibility of modifying parameters and input geometry is supporting engineers to reduce development time throughout all phases of the engineering process. Furthermore, it offers the ability of creating and evaluating multiple design solution variants within a short time. Especially in automotive conceptual development, parametric-associative design methods offer a great potential for quick and efficient generation of geometry models as well as for the supply of subsequent engineering processes with required information. Two basic aspects are fundamental with respect to the conceptual definition phase. On the one hand, parametric-associative models are able to store defining product design knowledge within the CAD datasets, which enables engineers to reuse not only the sole geometry, but also the defining process in behind. On the other hand, modern CAD software offers automation possibilities, which enable an extension of the originating software functionalities by new and specialized ones, and the generation of entirely new engineering tools to support the solution finding of specific and complex technical design questions.

Keywords. Automotive Concept Phase, Flexible Parameterization, 3D-CAD, Automotive Layout, Concept Development

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2016.162-167