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Proceedings of CAD'16, 2016, 215-220
Green BIM-based Building Energy Performance Analysis

Chien-Jung Chen, Syuan-hao Li, Architecture and Building Research Institute
Shang-yuan Chen, Hsiu-ting Chiu, Feng Chia University

Abstract. This study proposes the concept of green building information modeling (Green BIM), performing building performance analysis (BPA) to obtain design proposals with optimized environmental effectiveness in response to local climate conditions when BIM is used as a basic tool from the beginning of the design process. Taking building energy performance analysis as an example, in comparison with other domestic and foreign research, the important contributions of the study include: (1) Based on a design decision-making perspective, a Green BIM-based decision-making cycle can integrate the practical steps of BIM and BPA, which will facilitate adjustments for the purpose of establishing an optimized energy conservation design proposal. Furthermore, this study also finds that meteorological data in a format that can be used in BPA is not easy to obtain. (2) Nevertheless, virtual weather station technology developed using cloud technology can enable a building project to obtain simulated meteorological data relying on weather stations closest to the required criteria, and a cloud building energy analysis engine can be used to implement complex analysis involving large amounts of data. As a result, the use of green-BIM technology and concepts can be promoted with greater ease.

Keywords. Building information modeling, building performance analysis, green building assessment indicators, energy usage intensity (EUI), virtual weather stations

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2016.215-220