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Proceedings of CAD'16, 2016, 352-356
Novel Surgical Needle Design and Manufacturing for Vibratory-assisted Insertion in Medical Applications

Yi Cai, Yuan-Shin Lee, North Carolina State University
Jason Moore, Pennsylvania State University

Abstract. Needles are among the most widely used medical devices, and they serve in a wide variety of medical procedures, from ordinary ones like blood sampling and drug delivery to advanced ones like tissue biopsy and brachytherapy. Depending on the specific procedure, a medical needle may come in a solid or a hollow configuration, and sometimes hollow and solid needles are used together as cannula and stylet. Whatever the configuration is, low insertion force is desirable because it helps to reduce tissue deflection and needle bending, so that the placement accuracy of the needle can be improved and the insertion injury has the potential to recover better. Low insertion force also reduces the pain sensed by patients, which is very important when anesthesia is not applicable. A good example to illustrate the importance of low insertion force is in brachytherapy, where radioactive seeds are placed systematically in a diseased organ to kill cancer cells. Accurate seed placement is critical to ensure the seeds are within the cancer areas requiring treatment and far away enough from healthy cells.

Keywords. Design and manufacturing, Vibratory needle insertion, Modal analysis, Biomedical applications.

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2016.352-356