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Bevel Joint Modeling for Interlocking Planner Structures
Zhilong Su, Lujie Chen, Xiaoyuan He | pp 1-4 | Abstract

Slicing Point Clouds for 3-D Printing
William Oropallo, Les A. Piegl, Paul Rosen, Khairan Rajab | pp 5-9 | Abstract

Application of the Tensegrity System to create the 3D Impression of the Butterfly Body
Dina Rochman, America Sanchez | pp 10-16 | Abstract

Automatic Construction of Structural CAD Models from 3D Topology Optimization
Jean-Christophe Cuillière, Vincent François, Alexandre Nana | pp 17-21 | Abstract

Method for Grouping of Customers and Aesthetic Design based on Rough Set Theory
Masakazu Kobayashi, Kouki Niwa | pp 22-26 | Abstract

Direct Rapid Prototyping from Point Cloud Data without Surface Reconstruction
Tianyun Yuan, Xiaobo Peng, Dongdong Zhang | pp 27-31 | Abstract

A Hybrid Solution to Calculating Augmented Join Trees of 2D Scalar Fields in Parallel
Paul Rosen, Junyi Tu, Les A. Piegl | pp 32-36 | Abstract

Integration of T-spline within STEP-compliant CNC
Gang Zhao, Oleksandr Zavalnyi, Yazui Liu, Wenlei Xiao | pp 37-43 | Abstract

On a Blossom-based Approach for Interpolating Non-iso-Parametric Curves
Abdulwahed M. Abbas, Ahmad H. Nasri | pp 44-49 | Abstract

Virtual Quality Assessment Tools for Material Extrusion Processes
R. Jill Urbanic, Chris. G. Burford, R. Hedrick | pp 50-54 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'17, 2017, 1-54