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Proceedings of CAD'17, 2017, 110-114
Design for Additive Manufacturing of Porous Structures using Stochastic Point-Cloud: A Pragmatic Approach

AMM Sharif Ullah, Kitami Institute of Technology

Abstract. To utilize the fullest potential of the commercially available Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes (e.g., 3D printing, stereolithography, selective laser sintering, and alike), a concept called Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) has been introduced. One of the goals of DfAM is to create CAD models of relatively complex shapes so that an ordinary AM process can produce it in a sustainable manner. Here, "sustainable manner" means that all material, energy, and component efficiencies are achieved in a concurrent manner. However, the shapes observed in the nature and biological organisms are by nature stochastic. Sometimes, these shapes consist of Randomly Distributed Porous Structures (RDPS). Numerous authors have studied RDPS from the viewpoint of DfAM. The methods developed so far are computationally heavily, and, thereby, require highly sophisticated soft/hardware facilities. As an alternative, this study describes a pragmatic approach to achieve DfAM for the shapes having RDPS. The main idea is to use a set of carefully generated stochastic point-clouds while creating RDPS. The following sections describes the main idea and the outcomes.

Keywords. Design, Additive Manufacturing, Porous Structure, Point-Cloud, Scaffolds, Stochastic Process

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2017.110-114