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Proceedings of CAD'17, 2017, 143-148
Visualisation and Simulation of Environmental Factors Analysis in Virtual Reality

Wael Abdelhameed, University of Bahrain

Abstract. Architectural design is to conduct creative cognitive activities through which architects attempt at fulfilling different needs, factors and variables such as functional, social, aesthetical, structural and technical, in order to design a building for humans with a specific function. Including environmental factors impact on building-design performance in the initial phases of designing would have a positive result on the final building performance. Many of the environmental factors can improve this performance noticeably by passive solutions, i.e. designing only, without seeking active solutions such as using insulation materials of different types.  On the other side, considering the analysis of those environmental factors at later design stages after form is fully created would lead to more cost, time and effort. To conduct several environmental factors analysis of the building, to create simulations of the analysis and to visualize the results during the designing phases would effectively help architects and the design team not only communicate in a better way but also improve the design output. In architectural design, achieving sustainability through its main areas: society, economy and ecology, is an important design objective. Sustainable design aims at achieving positive building performance in regard to environmental factors in general, and the comfort of building occupants in particular. The concern of this paper is the environmental factors and their analysis such as: thermal, solar, acoustic, daylighting and ventilation and air flow.

Keywords. Environmental Analysis Simulation, Microsimulation, Virtual Reality

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2017.143-148