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Proceedings of CAD'17, 2017, 273-277
An Extended Solid Modelling Kernel for Combined Analytic and Mesh B-Rep Faces

Giacomo Ferrari, Giulio Casciola, Serena Morigi, Università di Bologna
Roberto Raffaeli, Università eCampus

Abstract. In several application fields, ranging from computer graphics to industrial design, 3D modeling and production systems, users face the design and editing of 3D virtual geometric models. 3D models can be classified in two families: polygonal models, that represent real shapes at different levels of approximation, and analytical models, which are representations of nominal mathematical shapes, usually formulated as geometrical primitives and Non Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS). Each family has its own modeling pipeline. Polygonal models could be the result of a conversion of an analytical model, an acquisition process through 3D scanners, the extraction of the external boundary of voxel-based representations, such as tomography applications, virtual sculpturing systems and topological optimization software. Oppositely, analytical models are typically created by conventional computer aided modeling systems, which are nowadays diffused and consolidated on the market to transpose shape concepts into 3D models.

Keywords. Solid Modeling Kernel, Polygonal meshes, NURBS, B-Rep, Regularized Boolean Operations

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2017.273-277