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Proceedings of CAD'17, 2017, 347-351
Evolution of the Model based Enterprise

Alex M. Miller, Meagan N. Hughes, Nathan W. Hartman, Purdue University

Abstract. MBD is an emerging methodology for engineering enterprises. It utilizes a CAD model to drive engineering definition in place of the traditional engineering drawing. The transition to MBD from drawing based practices is quite challenging but offers significant cost savings. ITI stated in 2013 that “a savings of more than $3M annually at a single naval facility will be generated by implementing MBD” along with “a 33 percent reduction in the development schedule of new items is expected” and “MBD shall also create a significant reduction in manufacturing errors, which should result in a decrease in the amount of rework, providing significant cost savings”. The benefits of MBD are forcing industry to evolve and adopt MBD. Because of this a new engineering enterprise is emerging. An enterprise which has adopted MBD is known as a Model Based Enterprise. MBE provides new opportunities, and challenges. For this reason, research is needed to help shape MBE, and better understand what a MBE should be. Although MBD is a well understood practice, MBE does not share the same characteristic because MBE has been evolving. MBE has emerged as a broader business process methodology. MBE does not necessarily only refer to 3D-CAD models as it did when MBD was first defined, but now it refers to an organization which more widely adopts the use of models to carry information, regardless of model type. Because of this there is significant debate between what paradigm should be adopted by a MBE.

Keywords. Model Based Definition, Model Based Enterprise, CAD, Master Model, Multiple Model

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2017.347-351