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Proceedings of CAD'17, 2017, 474-477
A Methodology for Filtering Point Cloud Generated by CMM to Apply NURBS

Ji W. Oh, Sang C. Park, Ajou University, Republic of Korea

Abstract. Nowadays, as aeronautical technology develops, an output of turbine is increasing. A turbine is necessary a BLISK for generating driving force. A BLISK is a single engine component consisting of a rotor disk and blades, which may be either integrally cast, machined from a solid piece of material, or made by welding individual blades to the rotor disk. Due to the complex shape of BLISK, most researches related to BLISK are studies on the processing methods. Although there have been many previous researches, they didn’t study related to measurement. A BLISK must be measured since it is critical components related to safety. Recently a 5-axis CMM(Coordinate Measurement Machine) is used in product measurement system. The 5-axis CMM is suitable for measuring complex shapes because the surface is measured using a probe in contact with the object. It uses two rotary axes. For rotation and positioning, one is on a vertical plane and the other is on a horizontal plane. 5-axis CMM moves the probe in contact with the surface of the workpiece, leaving a trace of points continuously. However, it is difficult to obtain the desired mesh with the existing algorithm using the data. So this paper proposes that a methodology for filtering point cloud generated by 5-axis CMM to apply NURBS.

Keywords. NURBS, BLISK, point cloud, 5-axis CMM

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2017.474-477