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Proceedings of CAD'17, 2017, 55-59
Surface Detection and CAD Modeling of Arbitrary Cloud of Points from 3D Sketching

Ariel Dayan, Ronit Schneor, Gila Molcho, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology
Miri Weiss Cohen, Braude College of Engineering

Abstract. This work aims to advance 3D-sketching-to-production capabilities. Multiple methodologies and tools exist to sketch products at their conceptual phase, amongst them CAD systems, and various 3D virtual sketching capabilities, which have emerged in recent years. However, there still exists a significant knowledge gap in transferring these initial sketches for detailed design or realizing products based on these abstract sketches. In this work an algorithm is proposed which contributes to closing this gap. A designer may use 3D sketching as a tool in the early stages of a project, but the technology does not yet allow the user to directly bring their sketches to reality. Whether a part is to be machined or 3D printed, it is generally represented as a 3D model prior to manufacturing. We developed a solution for converting 3D Cloud of Points (COP), created by an augmented reality 3D sketching system, into an explicit 3D model – incorporating as much design intent as possible. While several algorithms exist that convert COP created by a 3D scanner to a 3D model, the challenges of converting a 3D sketch output has yet to be addressed.

Keywords. 3D sketching, Cloud of Points, 3D Modeling

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2017.55-59