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A CAD-based Procedure for Designing 3D Printable Arm-Wrist-Hand Cast
Francesco Buonamici et al | pp 1-5 | Abstract

Reverse Engineering Techniques for Virtual Reconstruction of Defective Skulls
Francesco Buonamici et al | pp 6-10 | Abstract

Examining the Learning by Teaching Method in Computer-Aided Design Instruction
Xiaobo Peng et al | pp 11-15 | Abstract

Reuse of Kansei Evaluation Results for the Aesthetic Design of Different Types of Products
Masakazu Kobayashi, Fumi Shibata | pp 16-20 | Abstract

Efficient Voxelization-Based Construction of Finite Element Meshes
M. Faieghi, N. Knowles, O. R. Tutunea-Fatan, L. Ferreira | pp 21-25 | Abstract

Virtual Reality-Enhanced Configuration Design of Customized Workplaces
Claudio Favi, Steve Manieri, Michele Germani, Marco Marconi | pp 26-30 | Abstract

STEP-Compliant CAD/CNC Systems for Feature-Oriented Machining
Yazui Liu et al | pp 31-36 | Abstract

Straight Skeletons and Mitered Offsets of Polyhedral Terrains in 3D
Martin Held, Peter Palfrader | pp 37-41 | Abstract

Skeletal Structures for Modeling Complex Chamfers and Fillets
Martin Held, Peter Palfrader| pp 42-46 | Abstract

Dynamic Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Robotic Whip
Thomas M. Kwok, Yong Zhong, Ruxu Du | pp 47-53 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'18, 2018, 1-53