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CAD'04 - Pattaya, Thailand

Keynote Speakers

CAD for Aesthetic Engineering, Carlo H. Sequin, University of California, Berkeley

Advances in Collaborative CAD, Jerry Fuh, National University of Singapore

Haptic Modeling in Rapid Product Development, Yonghua Chen, The University of Hong Kong

Industry Geometry for CAD, Helmut Pottmann, Vienna University of Technology

CAD Tools in Fashion/Garment Design, Charlie L. Wang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ribbons: Their Geometry and Topology, Tony C. Woo, University of Washington and Chi-Kit Au, Nanyang Technological University

Advances in Design Computing, John S. Gero, University of Sydney

Subdivision Surfaces for CAD, Weiyin Ma, City University of Hong Kong

Genetic Algorithms in CAD, Gabor Renner, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Tools and Methods for Computer-Aided Conceptual Design, Imre Horvath, Delft University of Technology
Best Paper Award

Optimal Iso-Surfaces, C. Andújar, P. Brunet, A. Chica, I. Navazo, J. Rossignac and À. Vinacua, Computer-Aided Design and Applications, 1(1-4), 2004, 503-511