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CAD'11 - Taipei, Taiwan

Host Co-Chairs
Keynote Speakers

Vehicle Electrication - Challenge and Opportunity, Han-Ying Wang, Industrial Technology Research Institute

New Developments in Optimization Methods for Mesh Generation, Wenping Wang, University of Hong Kong

Digital Shape Recognition using X-rays CT Scanning, Hiromasa Suzuki, University of Tokyo

Model Driven and Knowledge Based Methodology for Engineering Design Change Management, James Gao, University of Greenwich

Physics Based Shape Modeling, Dynamic Simulation and Engineering Applications, Hong Qin, State University of New York at Stony Brook

High Quality and Controllable Quadrangulation, Hujun Bao, Zhejiang University

Development of Virtual Machine Tool for Simulation and Evaluation, Rong-Shean Lee, National Cheng Kung University

How Computer-Aided Design Improves Everyday People's Lives, William Townsend, Barnett Technologies, Inc.

Value-added CAD, James Wang, Qisda Corporation

Semantic-based Shape Modeling, Jun-Hai Yong, Tsinghua University

Towards the Formulation of Aesthetic Curves and Surfaces, Kenjiro Miura, Shizuoka University

3-D Human Modeling and its Application to Virtual Ergonomic Assessments, Satoshi Kanai, Hokkaido University
Fuhua (Frank) Cheng

University of Kentucky
Alan C. Lin

National Taiwan University Science and Technology