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CAD'12 - Niagara Falls, CANADA

Host Co-Chairs
Best Paper Awards

Triangular Mesh Deformation via Edge-Based Graph, K. Wang, J. Zheng, H.-S. Seah, Y. Ma, Computer-Aided Design and Applications, 9(3), 2012, 345-359

A Visual Geometry-Based Hybrid Approach for Surface Simplification, L.P. Xing and K.C. Hui, Computer-Aided Design and Applications, 9(2), 2012, 167-176

Interactive Inverse 3D Modeling, J. Andrews, H. Jin, and C. Séquin, Computer-Aided Design and Applications, 9(6), 2012, 881-900
Keynote Speakers

An Introduction to Polygonica with an Overview of Polygonal Solid Modeling, Fenqiang Lin, Machine Works Ltd.

Classroom Strategies for Applying Sustainability Principles to Real-World Design Problems, Derek Murphy, Studica Ltd.

Parallel Algorithms for Needle Insertion in Soft Tissues using NVDIA CUDA, Alexandru Patriciu, McMaster University

How Would You Like Your World Today, Rafael Bidarra, Delft University of Technology

Engineering Software License Management Tools and Methodology, Guy Haas, TeamEDA, Inc.

Digital and Virtual 3D Applications in Architecture and Construction, Wael Abdelhameed, University of Bahrain

Towards Engineering Assurance via Unified CAD and CAE Feature Interactions, Yongsheng Ma, University of Alberta

Variety in Design and Manufacturing - Challenges and Opportunities, Hoda ElMaraghy, University of Windsor

Multi-User Part and Assembly Synchronous Modeling, Analysis and Design Collaboration, C. Greg Jensen, Brigham Young University

An Interface Based API for Mesh Visualization, Michael Heck, Visualization Sciences Group

CNC Connectivity as a Competitive Edge, David McPhail, Memex Automation, Inc.

MTConnect: How an Open Protocol is Changing Manufacturing, David Edstrom, MTConnect Institute
Qingjin Peng

University of Manitoba
Jie Shen

University of Michigan - Dearborn