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Automated Conflict Avoidance in Multi-user CAD
A. I. Hepworth, K. Tew, T. Nysetvold, M. Bennett, C. G. Jensen | pp 1-3 | Abstract

Filling the Empty Spaces of the Sierpinski Tetrahedron to Create a 3D Puzzle
Dina Rochman, Sergio Vázquez | pp 4-6 | Abstract

Computational Investigation of the Effect of Luminance Contrast on Depth Perception
Nan-Ching Tai | pp 7-10 | Abstract

Parts Localization Oriented Practical Method for Point Projection on Model Surfaces
Jinting Xu, Jianhuang Wu, Wenbin Hou | pp 11-13 | Abstract

Reconstruction of Branched Surfaces: Experiments with Disjoint B-spline Surface
Amba D. Bhatt, Archak Goel, Ujjaval Gupta, Stuti Awasthi | pp 14-16 | Abstract

Augmented Reality System for the Visualization and Interaction with 3D Digital Models
Giandomenico Caruso, Marina Carulli, Monica Bordegoni | pp 17-19 | Abstract

Removing Rectangle Containment from area NURBS Generated Shapes
Les A. Piegl, Parikshit Kulkarni, Khairan Rajab | pp 20-22 | Abstract

A Framework to Support 3D Explicit Modeling Education and Practice
Harald E. Otto, Ferruccio Mandorli | pp 23-25 | Abstract

Adaptable Interface Design for Open-architecture Product
Chonglin Hu, Qingjin Peng, Peihua Gu | pp 26-28 | Abstract

Combining 3D Models and Functions through Ontologies to Describe Man-made Products
F. Uliana, J.-C. Léon, O. Palombi, M.-C. Rousset, F. Faure | pp 29-31 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 1-31