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Swaying Robot Fish Design and Prototyping
Waipik Lau, Ruxu Du, Zhong Yong | pp 121-122 | Abstract

Architectural Knowledge Modeling: Ontology-Based Modeling of Architectural Topology
Junjie Xue, Gang Zhao | pp 123-125 | Abstract

Towards a Foot Bio-model for Performing Finite Element Analysis for Footwear Design
Zoi Koutkalaki et al | pp 126-128 | Abstract

An Extension Algorithm for Disk B-Spline Curve with G2 Continuity
Ting Zhang et al | pp 129-131 | Abstract

Multi Criteria Material Selection for Eco-design
Marco Serafini, Davide Russo, Caterina Rizzi | pp 132-134 | Abstract

Layout Considerations in the Manufacturing Line using 3D CAD
Masayoshi Yamaguchi | pp 135-137 | Abstract

Challenges Associated with Teaching CAD/CAE
René Andrae, Peter Köhler | pp 138-140 | Abstract

Customer Needs Uncertainty Quantification from the Context of CAD/RP Systems
Ye Youzhi, A. M. M. Sharif Ullah | pp 141-143 | Abstract

Optimal Design of Component Layout and Fastening Methods for the Facilitation of Reuse
Masakazu Kobayashi, Hajime Horiuchi, Masatake Higashi | pp 144-146 | Abstract

Evaluation of 3D Data Compression and Retrieval Method Based on Curve Mesh Filling
Gulibaha Silayi et al | pp 147-149 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 121-149