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Reconstruction of Polygonal Faces from Large-Scale Point-Clouds of Engineering Plants
Hiroshi Masuda, Takeru Niwa, Ichiro Tanaka, Ryo Matsuoka | pp 150-152 | Abstract

Interpolating Curved Grids using Quasi-developable Bi-cubic Gregory Patches
Ming Chen, Hua-Kun Yu, Kai Tang, Ajay Joneja | pp 153-155 | Abstract

New Multilevel Parallel Preconditioning Strategies of Sparse Matrix for Speeding up CAD
Kai Wang | pp 156-158 | Abstract

Adaptive Tetrahedral Mesh Generation of 3D Heterogeneous Objects
Yaohui You, Xinyu Kou, S. T. Tan | pp 160-162 | Abstract

Haptic Interface Technique in Large-Scale Virtual Environment
Xiaobo Peng, Blesson Isaac | pp 163-165 | Abstract

Generating 3D CAD Art from Human Gestures using Kinect Depth Sensor
Miri Weiss Cohen, Alex Frid, Mark Melin, Vladimir Ladijenski | pp 166-168 | Abstract

Mesh Generation and Transformation towards the Integration of Topology Optimization
Jean-Christophe Cuillière, Vincent François, Jean-Marc Drouet | pp 169-171 | Abstract

Decreasing Engineering Time with Variable CAD Models
Goran Kukec | pp 172-174 | Abstract

Multi-objective Topology Optimization with Ant Colony Optimization and GAs
João Zuliani, Miri Weiss Cohen, Lucas Batista, Frederico Guimarães | pp 175-177 | Abstract

Shape Acquiring and Editing through an Augmented Reality based CAD System
Pu Huang, Yong Chen, Yongqiang Li, Charlie C. L. Wang | pp 178-180 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 150-180