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A CAD Tool to Design Bespoke Insoles for Severe Orthopedic Treatments
M. Mandolini, M. Vitali, A. Macchione, R. Raffaeli, M. Germani | pp 181-182 | Abstract

Virtual Robot Control by LabView® SolidWorks® and Data Acquisition Systems Connection
David Espinosa, Alfredo Santana, Allan Burke, Luis A. Garcia | pp 183-185 | Abstract

Optimization of Barrel Cutter for Five-axis Flank-milling based on Approximation
Dongqing Yan, Dinghua Zhang, Ming Luo | pp 186-188 | Abstract

Tolerance Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Method Based On Control Points
Yi Zong, Jian Mao | pp 189-191 | Abstract

A Web-enabled Configuration System for Interior Design
Maura Mengoni, Damiano Raponi, Roberto Raffaeli | pp 192-194 | Abstract

A Heuristic Offsetting Scheme on Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
Jianzhong Wang, Fuhua Cheng | pp 195-197 | Abstract

A Feature-Based Engineering Methodology for Cyclic Modeling and Analysis Processes
Md M. Uddin, Yongsheng Ma | pp 198-200 | Abstract

Automatic Detection of Geometric Features in CAD Models by Characteristics
Peter Chow, Tetsuyuki Kubota, Serban Georgescu | pp 201-203 | Abstract

Computational Support to Aesthetics in Industrial Design
Sitaram Soni, Pritee Khanna, Puneet Tandon | pp 204-205 | Abstract

Non-Rigid 3D Object Pose Normalization based on Core Segment Symmetrical Features
Konstantinos Sfikas, Ioannis Pratikakis, Theoharis Theoharis | pp 206-208 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 181-208