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Machining Feature Recognition from In-Process Model of NC Simulation
Shixin Xu, Nabil Anwer, Charyar Mehdi-Souzani | pp 91-93 | Abstract

Interactive Rendering and Modification of Massive Aircraft CAD Models in Immersive
Junjie Xue, Gang Zhao | pp 94-96 | Abstract

Computing Mitered Offset Curves Based on Straight Skeletons
Peter Palfrader, Martin Held | pp 97-99 | Abstract

3D ICs Layout Hypergraph Representation
Katarzyna Grzesiak-Kopeć, Maciej Ogorzałek | pp 100-102 | Abstract

Design for Manufacturing of IFS Fractals from the Perspective of Barnsley's Fern-leaf
A. M. M. Sharif Ullah, Yoshimi Sato, Akihiko Kubo | pp 103-105 | Abstract

Reconfigurable Multi-material Layered Manufacturing
S. H. Choi, Y. Cai, H. H. Cheung | pp 106-108 | Abstract

Wavelet-based Surface Decomposition with Boundary Continuity
Aizeng Wang, Gang Zhao | pp 109-111 | Abstract

Computational Support to Design and Fabrication of Traditional Indian Jewelry
Vineet K. Goel, Dinesh Khanduja, T. K. Garg, Puneet Tandon | pp 112-114 | Abstract

Functional 3D Human Model Design: A Pilot Study based on Surface Anthropometry
Huang Chao, Ameersing Luximon, Kwok-Wing Yeung | pp 115-117 | Abstract

3D Holographic Animation of Modern Mechanical Watch Escapements
Nicola Lu, Zhiwei Li, Ruxu Du | pp 118-120 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'14, 2014, 91-120