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Reconstructing Design Processes by Machine Learning of Graph-Rewriting Production
Julian R. Eichhoff, Felix Baumann, Dieter Roller | pp 157-161 | Abstract

Flexible Parameterization Strategies in Automotive 3D Vehicle Layout
Patrick Rossbacher, Mario Hirz | pp 162-167 | Abstract

A CAD-based Method for Multi-objectives Optimization of Mechanical Products
Vincenzo Castorani, Alessio Vita, Marco Mandolini, Michele Germani | pp 168-172 | Abstract

Voronoi Cells of Non-general Position Spheres using the GPU
Zhongyin Hu, Xiang Li, A. Krishnamurthy, Iddo Hanniel, Sara McMains | pp 173-177 | Abstract

Points of View Classification: A concept to Manage Knowledge Multi-representation
M. I. Ouamer-Ali, F. Belkadi, F. Laroche, S. Remy, A. Bernard | pp 178-182 | Abstract

Use of Technologically and Topologically Related Surfaces (TTRS) geometrical theory
Regis Plateaux et al | pp 183-188 | Abstract

Methods for Determining the Optimal Number of Simultaneous Contributors
Brett Stone et al | pp 189-193 | Abstract

T-Spline Local Refinement as a Belief Revision System: A Rule-based Implementation
Abdulwahed M. Abbas, Ahmad H. Nasri | pp 194-199 | Abstract

Introduction of Learning Techniques for Creating Solid Models from Sketches
M. Tanaka, Y. Takamiya, N. Tsubota, S. Asanuma, K. Iwama | pp 200-204 | Abstract

Generative Engineering Design methodology for the development of components
Jana Gavačová, Ladislav Gulan, Michal Forrai, Mario Hirz | pp 205-209 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'16, 2016, 157-209