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A Fast and Automatic Hole-Filling Method Based on Feature Line Recovery
Chunhong Xia, Hui Zhang | pp 262-267 | Abstract

Mesoscale Modeling of Cellular Materials for Finite Element Analysis
Michele Bici, Francesca Campana, Micaela de Michelis | pp 268-273 | Abstract

Adaptive Eigensystem Truncation for Spectral Shape Signatures
Reed M. Williams, Horea T. Ilieş | pp 274-278 | Abstract

Accessibility Analysis of Tools in Product Module Interface Operations
Hongqin Ma, Qingjin Peng, Jian Zhang, Peihua Gu | pp 279-283 | Abstract

Fast Voxel-based Surface Propagation Method for Outlier Removal
Yu Chen, Hao Chen, Jie Shen | pp 284-289 | Abstract

Research Methodology Framework for CAD/CAM-A Synthesis of Existing Approaches
Oladele O. Owodunni | pp 290-295 | Abstract

Using Data Indexing for Remote Visualization of Point Cloud Data
Paul Rosen, Les Piegl | pp 296-300 | Abstract

On the Nesting of a Contour Dataset
John K. Johnstone | pp 301-305 | Abstract

Characterization and Optimization of an Electro-thermal Microactuator
Yang Fang, Qikai Xie, Xiaolong Zhang, Xiaolin Chen | pp 306-310 | Abstract

Green Tricycle Design through Experiential Learning — An Open Courseware
Kuang-Hua Chang, Jawanza Bassue | pp 311-315 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'16, 2016, 262-315