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Component-based Building Instructions for Block Assembly
Man Zhang, Yuki Igarashi, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Jun Mitani | pp 55-59 | Abstract

A Design-to-sustainability Platform based on Functional Representations
Margherita Peruzzini, Roberto Raffaeli, Marco Mandolini | pp 60-64 | Abstract

The STG Pattern: Application of a “Semantic-Topological-Geometric” Information
Chieh-Jen Lin | pp 65-69 | Abstract

Research on Terrain Physical Modelling Directly from Digital Elevation Model Data
Hao Jingbin, Ji Hansong, Han Zhengtong | pp 70-75 | Abstract

Truss-like Structure Design with Local Geometry Control
Jikai Liu, Yongsheng Ma | pp 76-80 | Abstract

Optimal Tool Orientation Generation and Chip Volume/Cutting Force Predictions
Shan Luo, Zuomin Dong, Martin B.G. Jun | pp 81-86 | Abstract

Cost Based, Integrated Design Optimization using a Parametric CAD Model
Than Lin | pp 87-91 | Abstract

Visual Perception of Digital Textile Prints in Judging the Attractiveness of Female Body
Man N. M. Cheung, Tracy P. Y. Mok, Raymond W. M. Au | pp 92-94 | Abstract

GPU-Based Visualization of Knee-Form Contact Area for Safety Inspections
Masatomo Inui, Shunsuke Nakano, Nobuyuki Umezu, Tetsuya Asano | pp 95-99 | Abstract

A New Approach of a Global Knowledge-based Engineering Infrastructure
Markus Salchner, Mario Hirz, Severin Stadler, Jonathan Ameye | pp 100-104 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'16, 2016, 55-104