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CAD'17 - Okayama, JAPAN

Host Co-Chairs
Best Paper Award

Automatic Construction of Structural CAD Models from 3D Topology Optimization, J-C. Cuilliere, V. Francois, A. Nana, Computer-Aided Design and Applications, 15(1), 2018, 107-121
Keynote Speakers

How can 3D technology contribute to manufacturing industry in the future?, Hiroshi Toriya,
Lattice Technology, Inc., JAPAN

Open CAM kernel Kodatuno project, Naoki Asakawa, Kanazawa University, JAPAN

Digital delight design: Introduction of delight design platform project, Hiromasa Suzuki,
University of Tokyo, JAPAN

Aesthetic surface in Computer-Aided Design, Masatake Higashi, Toyota Technological Institute, JAPAN

Emergence of additive manufacturing design environments for composite structures in aerospace applications, Ramy Harik, University of South Carolina, USA

Use of CAD in Nakashima Group, Yoshio Nakashima, Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.
Masaji Tanaka

Professor, Okayama University of Science JAPAN
Kenjiro Miura

Professor, Shizuoka University
Masakazu Kobayashi

Associate Professor, Toyota Technological University