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Morphing Boxes for the Integration of Shape Optimization in the Product Design Process
Alexander Brune, Thiago Weber Martins, Reiner Anderl, Peter Clausen | pp 104-109 | Abstract

Design for Additive Manufacturing of Porous Structures using Stochastic Point-Cloud
AMM Sharif Ullah | pp 110-114 | Abstract

Quality Improvement of 3D Models Reconstructed from Silhouettes of Multiple Images
W. Phothong, T-C. Wu, J.-Y. Lai, C.-Y. Yu, D. W. Wang, C.-Y. Liao | pp 115-121 | Abstract

Design of LEGO Assembly Transformation
Wei Pan, Lujie Chen | pp 122-127 | Abstract

Development of Digital Articulator and its Accuracy Verification
Shu-Wei Liao, Chia-Hao Chang, Chih-Ying Yang, Hong-Tzong Yau | pp 128-131 | Abstract

Recognition and Decomposition of Rib Features in Thin-Shell Plastic Parts
J-Y. Lai, M-H. Wang, P.-P. Song, C.-H. Hsu, Y.-C. Tsai | pp 132-137 | Abstract

Evaluation of the OptiX Ray Tracing Engine for Machining Simulation
M. Jachym, S. Lavernhe, C. Tournier, C. Euzenat, P-A. Boucard | pp 138-142 | Abstract

Visualisation and Simulation of Environmental Factors Analysis in Virtual Reality
Wael Abdelhameed | pp 143-148 | Abstract

Extraction of Vertical Cylinder Contacting Area for Motorcycle Safety Verification
Masatomo Inui, Nobuyuki Umezu | pp 149-153 | Abstract

Convenient Connection Technology Data Model Supporting Optimized Information
A. Kreis, M. Hirz, S. Stadler, M. Salchner, P. Rossbacher | pp 154-159 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'17, 2017, 104-159