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Fairness Metric of Plane Curves Defined with Similarity Geometry Invariants
Kenjiro T. Miura et al  | pp 311-316 | Abstract

Alignment of Dental Depth Images from an Intraoral Scanner
Min S. Ko, Sangchul Park | pp 317-321 | Abstract

An Overview of an Enhanced Multi-Systems Robotized Digitizing
Matthias Bordron, Charyar Mehdi-Souzani, Olivier Bruneau | pp 322-326 | Abstract

Mosquito Popper: A Multiplayer Online Game for 3D Body Scan Data Segmentation
Zachary Nolte, Maxwell Riley, Ramy Harik, Stephen Baek | pp 327-331 | Abstract

Mesh Segmentation via Geodesic Curvature Flow
Stephen Baek, Ramy Harik | pp 322-336 | Abstract

Review of CAD-model Capabilities and Restrictions for Multidisciplinary Use
Tim Heikkinen, Joel Johansson, Fredrik Elgh | pp 337-341 | Abstract

Towards an Extended Model based Definition for the Digital Twin
Alexander M. Miller, Ramon Alvarez, Nathan W. Hartman | pp 342-346 | Abstract

Evolution of the Model based Enterprise
Alexander M. Miller, Meagan N. Hughes, Nathan W. Hartman | pp 347-351 | Abstract

Image Analysis Using Recurrence Quantification Plots, Surface Modelling
R. Jill Urbanic | pp 352-356 | Abstract

Exploration and Evaluation of CAD Modeling in Virtual Reality
Seth M. Freeman, Landon Wright, John L. Salmon | pp 357-361 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'17, 2017, 311-361