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NURBS-based and Parametric-based Shape Optimisation with Differentiated CAD Kernel
Orest Mykhaskiv et al | pp 415-419 | Abstract

Learnable CAD for Reconstructing 3D Models from Sketches
Masaji Tanaka, Ryosuke Yamaoka | pp 420-424 | Abstract

Methodology of Modular Design of Construction Machines
Pavol Zaujec, Ladislav Gulan, Jana Gulanová | pp 425-429 | Abstract

Comparison of two Different Approaches of a class-A Surface Creation
Jana Gulanová, Samo Lonek, Ladislav Gulan | pp 430-434 | Abstract

A plug-in for Local Mesh Modeling to Extend VTK Library
Andrea Vitali, Daniele Regazzoni, Caterina Rizzi, Giorgio Colombo | pp 435-439 | Abstract

3D Thermal Human Model (Ti-model) Design for Female Individuals
Huang Chao, Ameersing Luximon, Kwok-Wing Yeung | pp 440-444 | Abstract

Validation of Feature Recognition on Manufacturability Analysis for Additive Manufacturing
Yang Shi, Yicha Zhang, Steven Baek, Ramy Harik | pp 445-450 | Abstract

Development and Evaluation of a Mobile Platform for Teaching Mathematics of CAD
Y. M. Tang, K. M. Yu | pp 451-458 | Abstract

A Biomimetic Flapping based Double-hull Boat with Vision-based Target Tracking
Fengran Xie, Yong Zhong, Zheng Li, Ruxu Du | pp 459-466 | Abstract

Property Estimate for Inkjet based Direct Digital Manufacturing
K. M. Yu, Y. M. Tang, L. C. Chan | pp 467-473 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'17, 2017, 415-473