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Recognition and Simplification of Holes in CAD Models of an Injection Mold
Jiing-Yih Lai, Pei-Pu Song, Chia-Hsiang Hsu, Yao-Chen Tsai | pp 1-7 | Abstract

Geometry Attributes Computation of Components’ 3D Model
Min Zhou, Min Zhou | pp 8-12 | Abstract

Integration of Neutral/Re-Imported Models for Assembly Update
Tahir Abbas Jauhar, Soonhung Han, Soonjo Kwon | pp 13-17 | Abstract

A Contribution to Optimized Data Exchange Supporting Automotive Bodywork
Alexander Kreis, Mario Hirz, Severin Stadler | pp 18-23 | Abstract

Form-Finding and Structural Shape Optimization of the Metal 3D-Printed Node
Vahid Hassani et al | pp 24-28 | Abstract

Systematic Support of Learning from Errors and Negative Knowledge
Ferruccio Mandorli, Harald E. Otto | pp 29-33 | Abstract

A Framework for Concept Formation in CAD Systems: a Case Study
Yuval Kahlon, Haruyuki Fujii | pp 34-38 | Abstract

Efficient Tolerance Design of Topology-Optimized Functional Structures
Rui Yang et al | pp 39-43 | Abstract

Material-Unit Network for Multi-Material-Property and Multiscale Components
Yuan Liu et al | pp 44-48 | Abstract

A Section-based Illustration of Old Street Fabric and 2nd Contour Using 3D Scan
Naai-Jung Shih, Pei-Huang Diao, Wen-Tse Hsu | pp 49-53 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'19, 2019, 1-53