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Free-Form Feature Classification for Finite Element Meshing
Ippei Takaishi, Satoshi Kanai, Hiroaki Date, Hideyoshi Takashima | pp 414-419 | Abstract

Investigation on Inuences of 5-axis CNC Machining Parameters
Jinting Xu, Longkun Xu, Wenbin Hou | pp 420-425 | Abstract

Precision and Strength Comparison of Various AM Technologies
Jana Gulanová, Igor Kister, Norbert Káčer, Ladislav Gulan | pp 426-430 | Abstract

An Approach for Increasing Convertible Sketches to 3D Models
Masaji Tanaka, Motoki Terano, Chiharu Higashino, Tetsuya Asano | pp 431-434 | Abstract

Meshfree CAD-CAE Integration through Immersed B-rep Model
Yaxiong Chen, Chetan Jois, Ganesh Subbarayan | pp 435-440 | Abstract

Assessment of Patient’s Injured Shoulder Based on Digital Motion Acquisition
Andrea Vitali, Daniele Regazzoni, Caterina Rizzi, Federico Maffioletti | pp 441-445 | Abstract

Rigid 3D Registration Algorithm for Localization of the Vertebral Centroids
Saša Ćuković et al | pp 446-450 | Abstract

An Approach of Rapid Tooling for Scalp Cooling Cap Design
Ertu Unver, Jonathan Binder, Mike Kagioglou, Patrick Burke | pp 451-455 | Abstract

Topological Modications through Boolean Compositions on Algebraic Level Sets
Pavan Kumar Vaitheeswaran, Ganesh Subbarayan | pp 456-461 | Abstract

Detection of Steel Materials of Large Structures Using Point-Clouds
Iku Yoshiuchi, Yuki Shinozaki, Hiroshi Masuda | pp 462-466 | Abstract

CAD Construction of an Aortic Valve Model for Surgical Training
Hamad M. Bubshait et al | pp 467-471 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'19, 2019, 414-471