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Template Files
Extended Abstracts

Please use the MS Word template file on the left to edit your 5 pages extended abstract. Once completed, please convert the file to PDF and submit it through our paper processing system. A LaTeX template file is also available.

Journal Papers

This Computer-Aided Design and Applications template file on the left should be used to write and format your journal paper. Please follow the instructions and edit the paper accordingly. Once the paper is written, please submit it as a PDF file. Please note that the final and revised version of the paper is due in its original MS Word format. A LaTeX template file is also available on Overleaf, a collaborative writing environment.

Presentation Files

Although you may use any presentation formats, for convenience there is a template on the left that you may want to consider. It is a clean-style, no fancy bells-and-whistles format which brings out your presentation without distracting the viewer with the shiny stylish elements. This file can also be submitted through our paper processing system.


There is no template for videos. Please use a screen capture or a live recording in free-form style.
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